How to Start a Food Blog and Get Paid

How To Start a Food Blog

Many people would love to be able to start a food blog but just wouldn’t know exactly where to start. It can be a daunting thing when you are just starting out. However it is not as hard as you may expect.  Here are a few steps worth considering on How To Start A Food Blog.


  1. First you need to have a real passion for food and in particular baking and cooking.

  2. Second you need a good camera and have a bit of experience using it as photographs are very important. You need your own good quality photos so investing in a good camera is a must. I use a Canon DSLR EOD 1200 which suits just fine.

  3. Third you need a good host and theme. I use wordpress platform and some very good free themes can be got there as will too.

  4. Fourth you need to be able to get a lot of visitors to your site.

If this all seems too hard then don’t despair we have a site: How To Start a Food Blog and Make Money to help you. It outlines these basic steps in a simple and easy step by step method.

We also have a video testimonial here entitled How To Start a Food Blog and Make Money

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